Outback Panic Attack !

by Dreampunk

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OPA is an assortment of Australian tales. Nearly 6 years after my 2nd album, this first one under the name Dreampunk features songs written and/or recorded in Australia. I think it's even more diverse than before in terms of colors and sounds : Expect some electric guitars and heavy drums, poppy ukulele vibes (of course) and trippy experiments !

OPA est un assortiment d'histoires Australiennes. Presque 6 ans après mon 2ème album, ce premier sous le nom de Dreampunk contient des morceaux écrits et/ou enregistrés en Australie. Je crois qu'il est encore plus varié qu'avant, en termes de couleurs et sons : Attendez-vous à des sons électriques et grosses batteries, du ukulele (évidemment) et quelques expériences trippy !


released May 25, 2019

Vincent Singh (S.T.X) : Tracks 2, 3, 10 - Drums + Arrangements + Co-Prod
Johannes Purbowo, Jordan Barrington, Joshua Bussel :
Tracks 6, 7 - Recording + Mix + Clap Hands
Jordan Barrington : Tracks 6, 7 - Arrangements, Guitars, Final Mix
Johannes Purbowo : Track 5 - Arrangements
Ana Paula / APGM, Lyndon Johnson / Khaotic Studio Production,
Johannes Purbowo : Track 10 - Drums Recording + MixMother Chicken, Bou 2, Kazar : Beta Test / Feedback
All tracks crafted with love by Dreampunk
(Writing, Recording, Mix and Final Master)

Tracks 6, 7 + Drums for Track 10 recorded in SAE institute, Melbourne, Australia
Tracks 8, 9, 10 recorded in Studio Chausson, Paris, France
Track 2 + Drums for Track 3 recorded in Ashwood Studio,
Melbourne, Australia
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, (12) recorded in la Dreamonière, France

Album artwork/design by Dreampunk
Time to get a Watch font by Melissa Choyce
Farray font by Adrien Coquet




Dreampunk London, UK

I'm a French artist from Paris. After living in Australia, I moved to London. I make music, videos, and other stuff. I love art in every way, nature, passionate and kind people...

Je suis un artiste né à Paris, passé par Melbourne et maintenant à Londres. Je fais de la musique, des vidéos et d'autres trucs. J'aime l'art sous toutes ses formes, la nature, les gens passionnés et bienveillants...
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Track Name: Hail to the Monkey King
I appeal to the power of the Ape Lord,
Master of the Teapots,
Conqueror of the Central Lands,
Holy Jug Dealer,
He who must not be Lame,
The Unexpected Exceptional...
The Monkey King !
Track Name: The Re-Introduction (feat. S.T.X)
[Verse 1]
So here we go again
Ready to go insane
Ready to get straight back into the game
Ready to reign
No Indian giving
Surely no French shopping
Just some easy Aussie basic authentic jamming

See the dudes in Ashwood team up now
Realize that simple never lies
Crushing clashes in the final round
We're allies in a melodic fight

[Verse 2]
Stereotypes are hype
So rely on your tribe
To take you to some new places full of genuine vibes
Coming from two different lands
To meet in an other end
Music is our language
Sure it is the same


[Verse 3]
So here we go again
Crushing your skull and brain
No pain no gain is what they used to shoot into your...
Ha !

Veins Veins Veins

Let me introduce ourselves
Let me introduce ourselves
Let me introduce ourselves
Let me introduce ourselves

Again Again Again
Track Name: Hidden Basement (feat. S.T.X)
[Verse 1]
I discovered a magical basement
I can't believe all this time it was hiding
In this new place I have found
Big fat yaks, little creatures and charms
My very own wonderland
With a bunch of friends I can
Sit on a Couch and watch the world go

Hidden Basement !
Hidden Basement !

[Verse 2]
Think less, let's all allow the madness
Shut your brain down and allow the nonsense
Outback panic attack
Two sheds track to the moon and back
Wonders down under
Waiting to be discovered
Ours to play with, let's go let's go

Hidden Basement !
Hidden Basement !

Track Name: Go Oz
[Verse 1]
Half-time dreamer, watching my fantasies
Go out of order, when all of a sudden
An old desire pops inside my mind
And it lights a fire, kicking me out of my bubble

[Verse 2]
A curious flavour here on my tongue
A mix of joy and terror, with a slight touch of wrong
So a nice and cheesy bouncing little song should fit wonderfully
No there can't be no one here to stop me

I wanna live where the sun shines
(No you can't do this all alone)
I'm gonna leave for a long ride
(Come on you'll miss your home)
I've got to leave while it's still time
(Man you're not that old)
I wanna live where the sun shines

[Verse 3]
It took me so long to leave my hearthstone
And take a brand new road just on my own
But it's a one-time chance to play it real
It's never too late to grab my spade and dig out my tales


[Chorus 2]
I wanna live where the sun shines
And I can do this all alone
I'm gonna leave for a long ride
Sure I'll miss my home
I've got to leave while it's still time
I wanna live where the sun shines
Track Name: On my Way
[Verse 1]
Serene and lonesome, I'm on my way
Surreal freedom, when I'm on my way
Shades of red as the sunset parades
Allow me to change the game
[Verse 2]
All new town in sight, I'm on my way
Changing my lifestyle, when I'm on my way
I could be right or wrong, I could just sing all along
Well I think it's time to play
[Verse 3]
Head first in my ocean of ways
So many wild options for me
Try not to fear, trust your guts when doubts appear
Believe me we’ll meet somewhere

On my way, I'll be on my way
I'll be on my way
And I'll be moving way too fast to get blasted

On my way, I'll be on my way
I'll be on my way,
And when the stakes are high
I'll be just fine and

On my way, blowing the pain away
I'll be on my way
And all the mess and stress will turn to blessing

On my way, I'll be on my way
I'll be on my way

On my way, I know that time will pay,
It will be worth the wait
But now's the time to make things right
Track Name: Let It Out
[Verse 1]
Walking down the road
Seizing the moment in the streets
I like to choose at random
Following the beat set my feet
I unlock my childish mind
Because I have missed what's inside

[Verse 2]
So here I am dancing
Endlessly playing the uke
To feed my music engine
People, your smiles are all I need

No don't ask me why
I just don't wanna hide
So let it out
Let it out

Now step out and smile
And I'm dreaming out loud
Let it out
Just let it out

[Verse 3]
Now something going on
Can't you see what's happening?
Contagious pure emotion
Spreading out, yeah it is coming

Step out and smile
And I'm dreaming out loud
Let it out
Let it out

No don't ask me why
I just don't wanna hide
So let it out
Let it out
[Verse 4]
So yes I'm feeling lucky
Tell me, do you believe in destiny?
Well a wise man once told me
To be the change i wanna see

Yeah step out and smile
We'll be dreaming out loud
Let it out
Let it out

There's no reason to hide
And no reason to lie
So let it out
Let it out
Track Name: Cloud Eleven
[Verse 1]
Oh it's getting late and the moon's high as I step off the Ministry of Style,
Take a ride on my winged walrus, a coral dog born under Aquarius
Winter may be coming up here, but my hoodie combo and almost beard
Should be fine to protect me from cold, I did not come here to dig out gold
Da spirit of SpeX and Naluminium, no I sure don't forget where I come from
Yellow flame made of Sodium, to celebrate the Holy Thumb

Painful thoughts that were stuck inside of me
From Heaven they should see me
Getting rid of my worry

Won't you come here and fly next to me ?
Eleven reasons to be
On cloud eleven baby
On cloud eleven baby

[Verse 2]
Regina please, hear my prayers Eleven saints couldn't help me better
No they won't get naked for Satan, for Fitzroy's their sacred asylum
I'll put my dreamgoggles on and make things worth before I am gone
Cause a little hope is all it takes, to believe in life and what man creates
Come try the brand new iUke 5, makes your sleep go full screen with a slide
And now I'm flyin way too high, so much higher than cloud nine

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus Eleven]
Tripping on my song
Floating all along
Went here on my own
Now I'm not alone
Life made out of sound
Far from my home ground
Like a soccer ball
Wandering with no goal
Back to black and white
Simple open mind
Always on my cloud

[Chorus 3] +
On cloud eleven you'll be
On cloud eleven with me

[Chorus Eleven]
Track Name: Badass Badger
[Verse 1]
Come on, n'aies pas peur
Tu n'as rien à craindre du Badger
Badass Badger
Walks away with style but no anger

[Verse 1]

[Verse 2]
Bad Bad Badass Badger
Doesn't give a shit, fears no danger
Inspire la terreur
Plus classe que ça, tu meurs
Track Name: Monkey King
[Verse 1]
Hi mates welcome to my tale
I'll introduce you to the king
Primate landlord of this realm
Tricks and Treats to set the scene
Wise time in the night

[Verse 2]
There ain't no banana tree
In the kingdom of the Monkey
Veggie skewers, cups of tea
All you need to make him happy
Let's put the world to rights
Yes it took him time, to realize

[Verse 3]
Frantic quests though boundless fields
More than once, he got in trouble
Yeah all his stories seem unreal
He bought his castle for two apples
Wise time in the night

[Verse 4]
Challenging him's no good idea
Don't think you can rule the jungle
No you don't teach the old Monkey
How to pull faces or chuckle
Words fly in the night
Yes it takes some time to open up your eyes

The Monkey never leaves
But waits behind the leaves
Somehow he still believes
He's wiser as he weaves

Gonna have a chat with the Monkey
Sure it ain't gonna help with the money
Shhhhh just wait and see
It's gonna be worth the journey

Once you meet the soul of the Ape King
Forget what you think you believe in
Sit down, just sing
And feel the wisdom growing
Track Name: Dreamersion (feat. S.T.X)
[Verse 1]
Dreamwatch says it's late to broach the topic of my fate
And that look on your face makes me think that you can relate
But don't let go, you've got the cards in hand, to make it happen
Make it happen

I'm a big boy, here I am
Watch me now that I'm a man
I'm gonna feel
So don't you tell me where to stand
What to believe in, how to blend in
I won't kneel

[Verse 2]
Strange thing for a punk to feel that toxic on and on
And you think once you're drunk, you'd get rid of it but you're never done
Well don't you know, you've got what it takes, then, just make it happen
Make it happen


Oh it’s alright, so bright is the path
Lying ahead of me now
For each end there is a start
Full of hopes and blurry lights
No don’t strive, it’s alright to be scared
With the main choices of your life
For each one of us a star
Guiding us in darkest nights

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